World-class Hungarian designers take the main stage at the 360 Design Budapest exhibitions

In the first half of October, the spotlight will be on design: the HFDA, joining Design Week Budapest event series, will launch its unique programme series on the 8th of October, highlighting the special role design has in adding colour and vibrance to our everyday lives. Those interested can get to know the domestic and regional talents of the sector through online and offline exhibitions and professional roundtable discussions. Through these opportunities, a wider audience will be able to gain insight into the timeless creativity that pervades the Hungarian design and creative sector, within the framework of the 360 ​​Design Budapest event.  Visitors will be welcome to the site, in line with the current, strict health precautions in place.

This Autumn, audiences will be able to get acquainted with the creativity of Hungarian designers in an unusual setting. For the third time running, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency is the professional partner of the Design Week Budapest event and has joined the series with various programmes.

Throughout the events of Design Week Budapest, the Agency will be holding three educational roundtable discussions, which will be broadcasted online in the form of podcasts. Reflecting on current issues in the design industry, the special edition versions of HFDA Academy: design DIALOG taking place in Győr and Veszprém will provide insight into the most exciting issues of the design profession through the roundtable discussions held with local industry experts. Additionally, in an unusual regional discussion, designers from the V4 countries will express their views on the potential of circular models within and outside of national borders.

In addition to the promotion of Hungarian design brands, the Agency also places great emphasis on supporting the stability of local businesses and will do so by implementing a physical and a digital exhibition space, titled 360 Design Budapest during the event. Not only does the physical exhibition visually present the work of Hungarian designers, but it also illuminates the spirit and value of design objects via the opportunity of small guided group tours. The aim of the programme series is to draw attention to living spaces shaped by the work of designers, and to ensure visibility for contemporary design brands, surpassing the momentary outstanding moments of Hungarian design history, and offering endless opportunities to enrich our living spaces with a practical approach.

The design brands featured at the event were given the opportunity to appear through a preliminary open application, after passing the selection process via a professional jury, due to their outstanding originality and market maturity.

Various recordings will be taken at the exhibition site, including digital and spherical panorama recordings, to ensure the works of Hungarian designers are available to view online for everyone, regardless of geographical distance. In the digital space, in addition to their objects, the brand websites will also be displayed, to ensure that apart from raising brand awareness, the exhibitors can also encourage sales. From now on, audiences will be able to get acquainted with the three-dimensional objects of regional designers on the online platform, in addition to the works of Hungarian designers, helping visitors to get involved in the design culture of the region, while also paving the way for Hungary to gain a central regional role.

The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency is ensuring an unlimited flow of information between designers, distributors, manufacturers and customers by implementing online and offline programmes via the 360 Design Budapest event, which is of even greater importance in these challenging times. A further aim of the event is the continuity of thinking together about the future, and by doing so facilitating dialogue between industry professionals and the public, knowledge sharing, and last but not least, the formation of a more conscious layer of consumers.

The organizers are taking into account all health and safety precautions to strive for a safe presentation of the works of Hungarian designers. The exhibition spaces will be continuously disinfected, with hand sanitizers available, and entry will only be allowed for an audience of no more than 50 people at the same time. In addition, masks will be provided for visitors complying with health and safety regulations by filling out a COVID statement.

The offline exhibition of the 360 Design Budapest event in Budapest can be viewed at the exhibition space located at 4-6 Aulich Street, between 8-10 October 2020.

The digital exhibition online will be available after the offline event launches.

The HFDA will adapt the programme to comply with current official information and reserves the right to change in light of the virus situation.