House Rules

All participants understand and acknowledge that choosing to participate and attend the 360 Design Budapest event is done so at his/her own risk, and as guests, accept the House Rules during registration for the event and upon entering the territory of the event space.

The organizers of the event are not responsible, and will not be liable for any injuries or illnesses in consequence of participating in the 360 Design Budapest event. The event and programme schedule will be shaped according to current, up-to-date official information, and the organizers reserve the right to all changes made due to the present virus situation.

House Rules:

• Entry to the event is only possible via pre-registration or – if the capacity of the venue allows it – after on-site registration. It is mandatory to wear the provided wristbands within the event area. The organizers reserve the right to deny further entry and remove unauthorized persons from the event area.

• It is forbidden to bring alcohol and food that have not been purchased on-site, objects considered as weapons, drugs or pyrotechnic devices into the event area.

• Guests are only permitted to stay in the designated guest areas at the event.

• Due to the current pandemic and virus situation, we kindly ask that all visitors fully comply with relevant health and safety regulations, keeping the required, necessary distance throughout the event in all areas. We also ask all guests to use the provided disinfectants available on-site. It is forbidden for ill patients to enter the event area.

• During the visiting of the event area, only tools and furniture placed for this purpose may be used in the event space, at everyone’s own risk. The usage of the exhibited objects and furniture is prohibited. The organizers of the event are not responsible for any damage or injuries that may occur at the event, including contamination of any infectious disease.

• The organizers reserve the right to deny further entry and remove unauthorized persons from the event area in the following cases:
➢ Visitors present without a valid wristband in the event area;
➢ Visitors endangering the lives and physical integrity of other persons or their property rights;

➢ Behaviour and conduct based on harassment or the need for police action to be taken; visitors that incite or aggravate unrest within the public with members of other social groups;
➢ Fails to remove prohibited objects from the area despite being instructed to do so;
➢ Visitors that do not cooperate despite the requests of the organizers.

• For promotional usage only, the organizers will be recording video and audio footage of the event. Participants of the event agree that the organizers may use these recordings only for advertising or press purposes without time, space or any other restrictions, and acknowledge that as visitors they may appear on these recordings.