Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency

The aim of the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency (HFDA) is to provide effective, structured and coordinated professional support to all actors of the fashion and design sector in order to contribute to the industry’s regional development.

HFDA works in close cooperation with domestic and international organizations, educational institutions and private and public actors in order to achieve our goals together. We believe that the development of the manufacturing sector and proper industrial education plays a key role. It is essential to provide the sufficient education in order to increase employment and rebuild the prestige of these jobs, so that these jobs will be filled again.

We wish to spread the creativity and the hidden potential of Hungarian fashion and design scene to a wider audience by giving Hungarian brands and manufacturers the opportunity to take part in the industry’s most influential local and international events. Besides other other goals, HFDA’s most important objectives are industrial innovation, sustainability and the promotion of research and development.

The strategic cooperation with domestic and international organizations plays a key role in HFDA’s philosophy, paying special attention to the Hungarian designers, manufacturers and creative professionals from Hungarian communities, also to those who live outside of Hungary.