360 Design Budapest

360 Design Budapest will be held for the fifth time between the 15th and the 20th of October 2024 to present the cream of Hungarian and regional design.

The Red Dot Award-winner 360 Design Budapest aims to raise the profile of domestic and regional creative artists, help design brands enter the international markets and introduce new, innovative, and sustainable directions to the professional design community and the general public. 360 Design Budapest, presenting Central European contemporary design and arts, in the long run, opens a gate, provides visibility, and creates opportunities for internationalisation for domestic and neighbouring countries’ product designers and artists, all in the name of rich and varied social and cultural diversity characterising the region.

The event draws attention to the everyday role of design surrounding us in 360 degrees while presenting innovative, sustainable directions for the design-conscious target audience.

The 360 Design Budapest regional design exhibition has evolved into a unique, experience-based design program series in the CEE countries since 2020, involving cultural, touristic, and educational institutions, as well as the construction industry and design enterprises.

The exhibition has garnered recognition from the professional community at numerous international design contests over the years. Alongside the Red Dot award, it also achieved podium placements in two categories of the A’ Design Award & Competition, and it won a gold medal in the Virtual Expo category and a bronze award in the Art Event category at the eleventh Global Eventex Awards from the 600 entries.