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360 Design Budapest

Every Autumn, Hungarian design comes to the fore in Hungary: in October, Budapest Design Week, an exciting professional programme with the industry’s leading experts and designers takes place, and the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency has  joined the event each time since 2018.

In 2020, the Agency provided the opportunity for twenty Hungarian and four international designers to take part in the event and appear as part of a physical and digital exhibition called 360 Design Budapest. Throughout the multi-day series of events, Budapest Design Week brings the world of design closer to those interested, with educational roundtable discussions, guided tours, and online and in-person exhibitions. During the exhibition, Hungarian designers were present in both physical and online space, as spherical panoramic footage was recorded for the exhibition to be accessible to everyone, including the design-sensitive audience.

The aim of the exhibition is to present Hungarian design products that show us how we can fill our living spaces and everyday lives with 100% Hungarian design products. In addition to Hungarian designers, the products of regional designers can also be viewed in the online space, and as a result, strengthening Hungary’s regional role in the design industry.