Outstanding design brands, emerging designers and world-class creations – The second 360 Design Budapest exhibition is coming in October

360 Design Budapest will be reopening its doors to design enthusiasts in 2021. This year, the event will be expanding with a new concept and programmes with a stronger regional focus. However, the main theme of the exhibition remains the same, highlighting the role of design in our everyday lives, while showcasing the diversity of the domestic and regional design industry. Innovative design companies, emerging start-ups and regional designers will all have the chance to showcase their unique creations in three categories.

Last year’s 360 Design Budapest exhibition was a great success and won several international awards. The event will be welcoming the public interested in design once again in 2021. Similarly, to last year, the main aim of the event — organised by the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency — is to promote Hungarian and regional designers and to facilitate the entry of Hungarian design brands into the international market. Furthermore, the event aims to draw attention to the role of design in our everyday lives, as everything surrounding us is the creation of a designer.

To the delight of the design-interested public, 360 Design Budapest will be launching in October 2021 with several new features at Bálna Budapest: a new concept, an expanded programme and a focus on sustainable solutions and innovation. This year, the exhibition will showcase the uniqueness, accessibility and pervasiveness of design that surrounds us in every aspect of our lives. A wide range of national and international experts, roundtable discussions, presentations and industry news will also be awaiting visitors and professionals with a passion for design.

This year’s event will also be showcasing exceptional talents from the Visegrad countries, alongside outstanding local artists. Innovative designers can apply to take part in the 2021 exhibition in three categories. Innovative design companies with a progressive approach, emerging designers with new products, as well as regional professionals will all have the opportunity to showcase their work to a wide audience. The HFDA, in partnership with several Hungarian and V4 design organisations, aims to create a programme for this year’s Budapest Design Week, which will attract tourists from all over Europe and showcase the cultural richness of Central Europe’s design industry in several different dimensions.