View the 360 Design Budapest Exhibition at Home

Fans of design can also view the 360 ​​Design Budapest exhibition virtually, organised by the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency, as a professional partner of Budapest Design Week. On the digital platform, visitors can not only discover the objects presented in the exhibition hall on Aulich Street but also learn about the work of four international designers.

Design lovers can also discover the works of contemporary designers online. For those that were not able to visit, or would like to view the 360 ​​Design Budapest digital exhibition held between 8-10 October once again, can do so on the event’s website. You can even “walk through” the Aulich Street exhibition hall showcasing contemporary designers from the comfort of your own sofa: the amazing objects presented on-site can be viewed, as spherical panoramic footage has been recorded so that the exhibition can be accessible to everyone, regardless of geographical distance. The works of Adamlamp, Codolagni, Error n’more, Hannabi, Sára Kele, KOMONKA, Ábel Lakatos, LumoConcept, Ádám Miklósi, Oleant, Paper Up, Planbureau, Plydesign, Position Collective, RAWfiction, Anna Regős, Sixay, Socowoo, Studio Nomad, and Fanni Ungár can be seen online, which can offer great inspiration for home furnishing.

Entering the online site, visitors can choose between entering two virtual doors: the first presents the physical exhibition in 3D, while the second presents a virtual replica of the exhibition space. The special feature of the latter is that in addition to 20 Hungarian designers, internet users can discover the works of four international talents – including the Czech Master & Master, the Slovak Crafting Plastic!, the Polish Phormy, and Anna Horváth, a Hungarian designer working in Malta. With this cross-border solution, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency was able to give the event a regional character, bringing Hungary one step closer to playing a key role in the design industry at a regional level.

Thanks to the wide range of features on the platform, the general public can learn about the displayed design products and the stories behind them from the perspective of the designers. By clicking the icon next to the objects, visitors can find out more information on the objects via videos and articles, describing what gives the essence of the object. With just one click, visitors are also able to buy their selected pieces. The platform also provides links to the exhibitors’ webshops, with which the HFDA is supporting and providing the designers with sales opportunities.

The digital exhibition’s link: