Hello Hungarian design! Hello contemporary talents!

During the 360 Design Budapest – organised for the second time this October – 28 Hungarian product designers, among them six young artists, debut at one of the most anticipated design exhibitions of the year. The art exhibition will not lack particular design objects, fine art creations, and other interior decoration elements, which all hallmark the talent of Hungarian creators. Do not miss out on the excellent artworks of Hungarian design; visit 360 Design Budapest in Bálna Budapest between the 4th and the 10th of Budapest.

360 Design Budapest, which concluded with outstanding success and received five international prizes, will reopen its gates for the public this autumn. The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency’s event returns in a new guise, while its goal remains the same: to represent and endear the world of domestic and regional product design as widely as possible.

At 360 Design Budapest, product designers play the prominent role again to amaze the accomplished experts of professional life, design fans, and interested non-specialists with their innovative, sustainable, and unique creations. This year, besides progressive and innovative design enterprises, emerging product designers and talents of the V4 countries also got a place among the exhibitors.

In October, we can admire products of such unconventional design enterprises as Leits Miklós, Loomiosa, LumoConcept, Oleant, Position, Nousu, and Viaplant’s lighting technology solutions. But products by the creations of the furniture industry, such as sarakele, Forms Design, Komok, Concrazy, and Yoza, also play an essential role at the exhibition.

Lovers of ceramics and other interior design objects can meet the ceramics of Error N’More, Baantal, Balazs Botos, and OBAI, and the unique design products of Komonka, RAWfiction, Boldizar Senteski, Meander, and Esstre, through which they catch a glimpse of the fantastic world of Hungarian product design.

And as a novelty this year, the emerging brands – czikkcakk, Cserba Anna, Riederauer Dóra, itthon., Kokomo ceramics, Kovács Kristóf – also debut to bring their innovative perspective and creativity to 360 Design Budapest.

The design novelties will be presented in four unique exhibitor categories, with the unhidden intent of representing the world of domestic and regional product design as widely and as excitingly as possible. The first category is the developer-designer, the second is craft; the third’s exhibition evolves around material-conscious creators, and last but not least, we can find products of artefact value made with applied art processes.

The received applications were evaluated by a professional jury of renowned experts. Among the members there was Judit Horváth, Head of Department of the Contemporary Design Department ath the Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest; Gergely Hosszú, multiple Red Dot Award winner designer, founder of Co&Co Designcommunications Ltd.; Barbara Majcher, Office Manager at The Office of the Hungarian Design Council; Zsófia Ilosva, founder and curator of Design Pier international event organisation company; Gáspár Bonta, programme manager of 360 Design Budapest, architect. From HFDA, Zsófia Bata-Jakab, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency CEO, and Árpád Keresztury, design director, commented on the exciting entries. In the end, the professional jury voted for 28 talented Hungarian designers. They will give a taste of the novelties of the famous Hungarian furniture industry, home furnishing and lighting technology, and their ceramics and objects of use in the exhibition.

Do not miss out on the amazing creations of Hungarian and regional designers! Visit the Red Dot Award winner 360 Design Budapest between the 4th and the 10th of October! You can register on the following link: LINK