Exclusive Guided Tours


Apr 22 Mon
Apr 22 Mon
Oct 18 Wed

Exclusive guided tour with Priszcilla Varga

On Wednesday evening, Priszcilla Varga, stylst and art director will give an exclusive guided tour of the exhibition. She moved to Copenhagen in 2020, when she really started working as a set stylist and art director. In her work, set styling, photography, videography, moodboarding, the words of Francesco Petrucci are relevant to her: ,,I am… Keep reading
Oct 19 Thu

Exclusive guided tour with Nóra Winkler

The exclusive guided tour on Thursday evening will be held by Nóra Winkler, an art and culture expert. She leads the leading charity auctions of the Hungarian fine arts scene, works in the creation of exhibitions and related publications, and is the founder and presenter of the HELLOJÁRAT podcast. She regularly leads roundtable discussions and… Keep reading
Oct 20 Fri

Exclusive guided tour with Anna Kelen

On Friday evening, art historian Anna Kelen will give an exclusive guided tour. She is the leading art historian and auctioneer of the Judit Virág Gallery. She specializes in Hungarian painting of the first half of the 20th century. She regularly holds guided tours and professional lectures, including at the Hungarian National Gallery. The guided… Keep reading
Oct 21 Sat

Exclusive guided tour with Iván Vitáris

On Saturday evening, the frontman of the popular band Ivan&The Parazol will give an exclusive guided tour. Iván Vitáris is a musician and vocal frontman of Ivan &The Parazol band in Budapest. He and his band have traveled around the country and the world for the past 13 years. They have released 5 albums so… Keep reading
Oct 22 Sun

Exclusive guided tour with Judit Horváth, PhD

The exclusive guided tour on Sunday afternoon will be held by Judit Horváth, PhD museologist and curator. Under her leadership, the Department of Contemporary Design of the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest was established in 2015, of which she is still the leader. She teaches at MOME’s Doctoral School. Member of the Professional Advisory… Keep reading