Exhibitors Hungarian Designers 2022 Apol Temesi & Meshlin Composites Zrt.

Apol Temesi & Meshlin Composites Zrt.

Temesi Apol:

Apol Temesi coordinated organic materials that have become important in interior design and the creation of suitable acoustic spaces by studying international raw material development tendencies and the endeavours of the well-being standard. In addition, exploring the secondary life of industrial residues, he is looking for structural surface forming solutions in which the original and new beneficial properties of materials are complemented by machining. This is how he created the RAWfiction acoustic wall covering made of regional wool residues as a result of his natural raw material development based on his studies in MOME’s doctoral school.

Meshlin Composites Zrt.:

The main aim of creating the Meshlin Composites Zrt. in 2014 was to develop and manufacture a fully biocomposite product line that includes environmentally friendly technology that represents a new generation of composites (biodegradable, compostable, recyclable). Meshlin Composites recognised the need for organic raw materials that can substitute carbon and glass and ensure an environmentally-friendly mindset. Meshlin’s biocomposite business branch wants to open towards materials used in interior architecture and the furniture industry as well as sports goods production.

by Apol Temesi & Meshlin Composites Zrt.
by Apol Temesi & Meshlin Composites Zrt.