Studio Rygalik

Tomek Rygalik – lead designer at Studio Rygalik working on architecture and products for premium companies and international brands including Cappellini, Moroso, Ghidini, Siemens, Heineken, or Ikea. An open minded educator with broad experience and PhD in industrial design; professor at Aalto University. Founder and creative director of furniture and accessories brand TRE Product; cofounder of the interdisciplinary community DesignNature and the creative campus in Sobole.


Studio Rygalik – represents and promotes a sensible, holistic approach towards design. The work is focused on sustainability, responsible consumption of material goods and the resources of our planet. The studio develops a wide variety of comprehensive projects. The focus is on furniture, products and spaces. The scope is wide – from design, development and implementation of new products, through interior design of public and commercial spaces, to site-specific installations, design & build and production of limited editions, as well as objects, experiences and workshops.


DesignNature is a community based on the shared values of holistic, sustainable design, respect for nature and appetite for good life – bringing together people, organizations and businesses, aiming to stimulate exceptional creative synergies. DesignNature offers comprehensive, integrated services aiming at sustainable innovations through design. The campus includes fully equipped versatile prototyping facilities for extensive, interdisciplinary research and development processes.

Natural Born by Studio Rygalik