Exhibitors Hungarian Designers 2022 sarakele studio & Rotte Kft.

sarakele studio & Rotte Kft.

sarakele studio:

sarakele studio creates exciting, yet simple and timeless furniture and interiors – always keeping sustainability in focus. Her experimental, forward-thinking approach goes beyond the visual, exploring new materials and production methods. Localism is a priority, whenever it’s possible she intertwines traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art, innovative techniques. She urges factories to focus on sustainability, and awareness on environmental- and societal effects of production.

Rotte Kft:

The group of companies formed from Rotte Kft. is a result of a corporate group that plays a leading role in designing and producing commercial equipment globally, creating a professional service. It comprises teams of professionals: communication and marketing experts, commerce professionals, architects, interior designers, industrial and graphic designers, engineers, artisans, and skilled workers. All of them enrich the work by adding their characteristic know-how to each phase of the process, creating, developing, and realising unique projects that win the customer’s heart.

by sarakele studio & Rotte Kft.
by sarakele studio & Rotte Kft.