Exhibitors Hungarian Designers 2022 POSITION Collective & Üvegmanufaktúra Kft.

POSITION Collective & Üvegmanufaktúra Kft.

POSITION Collective:

POSITION Collective’s profile is professional object design, sales, and interior design. The originality of their vision is in the personal, intuitive respect of the design concept. Their mission is to use quality local raw materials and the local workforce when creating their products, passing on Hungarian manufacturing traditions. One of POSITION Collective’s trademarks is the unique use of colour and material that characterises them as well as the modularity and customisability rendering POSITION products unique and lasting for both the designers and the customers.


Senior artisans working at the Glass Manufactory in Parádsasvár gained 25-30 years of experience in the big factory of the city; now they are transferring their knowledge to younger generations. A few hundred metres from the old factory, the glasshouse preserves the past and traditions of glass manufacturing and offers a direct experience to customers thanks to its familiar atmosphere. It mainly fulfils unique, small series orders such as the replacement of glasses or antique-style lampshades, even those blown in a metal frame, the creation of luminaires for hotels or theatres in cooperation with lighting technology companies, and the production of personalised, engraved or sandblasted chalices and goblets.

by POSITION Collective & Üvegmanufaktúra Kft.
by POSITION Collective & Üvegmanufaktúra Kft.