Master & Master

Master & Master has long relied on high levels of craftsmanship, technical know-how and innovative design to define its subtle simple forms. The company was originally made known to the public with Michal Malášek’s Diamond trestles, which have since become an icon of modern Czech design and a bestseller of the brand, now exported worldwide.

Founded in 2013 by friends Ondřej Zita and Luděk Šteigl, the company has in recent years launched within its portfolio an impressive product range. Their aims are to continue delivering furniture and accessories for fully equipping households, offices, restaurants and public spaces. The current collections continue in their well-founded mini malist aesthetic and are practical yet sculptural, the outcomes of longtime cooperation with Czech designer.

Lucie Koldová / Mistra Chair by Master & Master
Jiří Pelcl / Chicken Boy by Master & Master
Jiří Pelcl / Chicken Table by Master & Master