Malvina Antal

The airy and floating artistic objects were created by Malvina Antal. Her installations aim to evoke intuition and emotion, their informality enables a playful interpretation as they challenge the viewers to consider perception, illumination, and the immediacy of aesthetic experience. The biomorph abstract forms loosen the rigidity of geometric structures such as the architectural components of an interior. The light dinamism of the curved, elliptical lines draw organic soft motion to static and angular spheres. Beyond their decorativity and the pure formal definitions they feature the atmosphere of surrealism, mysticism, irrationality and spontaneity while also attributing romantic poetry.

The larger pieces fascinate the visitors of all ages, giving a great opportunity for representation and entertainment and together with the smaller parts they express the ratios of our surrounding nature. The objects of the series are able to decorate grand interiors emphasizing uniqueness and specialty. Their suspension is so thin it is nearly invisible, allowing the installation to create the illusion of shapes floating in the air. Since mostly hanged from the ceiling they demand spaces that other furnishings wouldn’t claim. The variable shell shapes can always be installed site-specific.

Bolero by Malvina Antal