Exhibitors Hungarian Designers 2022 IO & Kárpitos Partner Group Bt.

IO & Kárpitos Partner Group Bt.


IO design studio was founded in 2018 by Annabella Hevesi head of design and Gábor Bella head of production. They believe that coherence must be in focus when creating living spaces. The studio provides expertise and knowledge in furniture and interior design, implementation. For IO, design is about the personal story of an object and its user, and about asking the right questions, solving problems, as opposed to representing the identity of the designer. This makes IO products and creations authentic and credible.

Kárpitos Partner Group:

Kárpitos Partner Group Bt. was founded in the February of 2018. Its owner, Csaba Jónás and his upholsterers have decades of professional experience and are devoted to quality upholstery. The company’s main profile is the production of upholstered furniture for the retail and public markets. Furthermore, they repair upholstered furniture and interior design objects. Their high-quality products are found in numerous private apartments and public spaces, but their outstanding creation was the unique upholstered bench in the lobby area of the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace in 2020. Their upholstered furniture is also commercially available, which can be purchased to order (sofa, corner set).

by IO & Kárpitos Partner Group Bt.
by IO & Kárpitos Partner Group Bt.