Exhibitors Hungarian Designers 2022 Forms Design & Sixay Bt.

Forms Design & Sixay Bt.

Forms Design:

Máté Horváth launched their studio with Sarolta Csoma in 2018 and named it Forms Design. The designer participated in a personalised course offering long-term development possibilities, the design START programme by the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency in the spring of 2019. He took part in creating the concept and preparing manufacturing but also managed the project and tracked the products. He believes that possibilities offered by design should be available for everyone, and he sees a solution to this through his creations.

Sixay Furniture:

Sixay Bt. is specialised in designing and producing high-quality, durable design furniture using only natural materials. Their goal is to create the future’s classic solid wood design furniture that future generations can inherit. Sixay, the brand created by László Szikszai in 1995, is one of the most important internationally renowned Hungarian brands. Sixay furniture designs and manufactures solid wood design furniture with handcraft techniques using noble wood materials. The products’ timeless beauty, comfort, and quality touch the hearts of the connoisseur. Their high quality is proven by their presence on the elite market and some prestigious design awards.

by Forms Design & Sixay Bt.
by Forms Design & Sixay Bt.