Exhibitors Hungarian Designers 2022 Forms Design & Árkossy Bútor Kft.

Forms Design & Árkossy Bútor Kft.

Forms Design:

The aim of the studio is to create quality design furniture and spaces where recyclability and environmental awareness are presented. Design decisions are characterized by a balance of tradition and innovation. I think about contemporary design in a complex, holistic way, the goal is not only to design another piece of furniture, but also to create functional, almost invulnerable, objects that are accessible to a wide range of people due to their maximum series production.

Árkossy Bútor:

Árkossy Bútor Kft. is a Hungarian family enterprise in Herend. The company produces unique and series furniture made to order. Now there are 83 persons in the team, including woodwork engineers, technicians, carpenters, and wood industry skilled workers. The enterprise has a 6500 m2 modern factory floor complex at its headquarters where the newest technologies complement traditional professional knowledge. They await their existing and future customers in Budapest as well with an office and showroom. For Árkossy Bútor, customer satisfaction is important, be it the furnishing of a hotel with hundreds of rooms, a family home, a restaurant, or an office.

by Forms Design & Árkossy Bútor Kft.
by Forms Design & Árkossy Bútor Kft.