News Breaking News: 360 Design Budapest exhibition wins Red Dot Award

Breaking News: 360 Design Budapest exhibition wins Red Dot Award

31 August 2021

We are pleased to announce that the 360 Design Budapest exhibition — debuting last year — has won a Red Dot Award. The exhibition showcased innovative works by contemporary Hungarian and regional designers from a new perspective. The award is one of the most prestigious design certifications on a global scale and was awarded to the Budapest-based phygital event by an international jury of 24 judges in the Brand & Communication Design category. The “red dot” has already been awarded to several Hungarian inventions, however, 360 Design Budapest is the first Hungarian design exhibition to win the accolade. This makes it the fifth time that the 360DBP event has received an award.

The award’s importance is also reflected by the fact that entries from designers, agencies and companies were received from across the globe. Admissions were judged by an international jury of 24 design professionals, who looked at the creativity, form, and communication message behind each idea. Thanks to the award, last year’s 360 Design Budapest exhibition and, of course, its national and regional talented designers were admitted to the elite of the international design profession, alongside several high quality, creative projects and world-class designers.

The Red Dot Award represents the highest standard of design worldwide and is recognized as the Oscar of design. The jury panel is made up of international design industry experts from Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, South Korea, and the USA, many of whom are well-known university professors, renowned designers, digital marketing experts, entrepreneurs or even the former president of the European Packaging Design Association. Among the judges are design industry celebrities such as Dutch university professor Michel de Boer, who has won several Red Dot awards as well as numerous other international design awards, and has worked with clients such as Apple, Allianz, Shell, Nike, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz. His fame has also been validated by the fact that in 2012 de Boer became the most awarded design professional in the industry. 

This is not the first award the exhibition has received – it is the fifth international recognition! In addition to the Red Dot Award, last year’s 360 Design Budapest was awarded bronze at the international  A’ Design Award & Competition in two categories: Event & Happening Design and Interior Space & Exhibition Design. Furthermore, the exhibition also won gold in the Virtual Expo category and bronze in the Art Event category at the 11th Global Eventex Awards.

For those who missed 360DBP last year, the exhibition can be visited once again in October, with a new concept, new designers, and a new venue — but showcasing just as much creativity!  The aim of the event remains the same: to raise awareness of the role of design in our everyday lives, surrounding us at 360 degrees, and thanks to the exhibition, Hungary will be one step closer to becoming a regional design hub. This year’s exhibition will be focusing on sustainability and unconventional ideas!